Our Idea

Changing The Future of Art

The Art Studio Project was crafted to support everyone that loves art and cryptocurrencies. It aims to be a project that every artist can use to get Arts as a reward for what they do on a daily bases. Non-artists can also take part in the voting process and bounties for rewards. We also aim to bring new users to this blockchain environment with our rewards and weekly content. Helping others and introducing them to this future and new world.

Supercharge Your Artistic
Talents And Get Rewarded

Enter our weekly competitions on Discord with your best art. Get votes from our community. Win and get rewards in ARTS Tokens. Top 3 will also be Featured on our site & Discord. Your best will also go on Opensea.io at auction where you will make an aditional 20% of the profits.

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ARTS Token... What's That?

ARTS is an ERC20 Token in cryptocurrency. ERC20 is a protocol standard that defines certain rules and standards for issuing tokens on Ethereum’s network.
Arts Token will be primarily used in Discord at first, where we will hold weekly competitions in different categories. Artists will be able to add their original artwork into competitions. The community will vote for their favorite pieces of art. The top 5 chosen by the community will win rewards in ARTS Token, Discord Roles & bragging rights. The top 3 art piece’s will also be listed on Opensea.io where they will be put up for auction for a week. As a extra bonus the top 3 will get 20% of the sales if their art piece sells. Anyone will be able to purchase these, one of a kind piece’s by winning the auction. The people who vote for their favorite will also receive rewards in ARTS tokens with a POV (proof of vote).

Features & Benefits
of ERC20

• Atomic swap feature
• Minimum of cost and time
• Solidity nature
• Compatibility
• Smart contract development
• Enhances token liquidity
• Reduced risk of contract breaking
• Reduces the complexity of token interaction
• Uniform and fast transaction
• Confirm transactions more efficiently
• Interacts with other currencies
• Used on compatible platforms, projects, exchanges
• Ensures operation with decentralized applications
• Secure and easy transaction
• Makes assets interchangeable
• Transactions verified on the Ethereum Blockchain
• Transparency
• 100% reliability

Token Allocations


Paid in (POA) proof of art, (POV) proof of vote + bounties

Exchanges & Partners

Listing on Exchanges and For New Partnerships


For the team


To be sold at 0.005$ for early investors

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